01 Oct 2019 - Updated - Works under the project “Development of Transmission System, LOT 1 – Substations” in SS 110/10 (20) kV Prishtina 6

We would like to inform the citizens that in order to create conditions for safety at work, on 03 October 2019, from 00:00 until 01:30 (after midnight) SS 35/10kV Prishtina 3 will be disconnected. Disconnection is necessary to enable final works to energize the new substation SS 110/10 (20) kV Prishtina 6 (Dardania).

During the above mentioned time, the citizens/institutions that are supplied by this substation will be left without electricity supply. (15MW projected reduction). 

Disconnections are needed to create conditions for project implementation, which is co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

KOSTT J.S.C kindly asks the citizens for their understanding.