Electrical Equipment Code

This electrical equipment code sets out the requirements for equipment forming part of the network of the TSMO and for equipment of system users at the point of connection with the network of the TSMO. It relates to equipment operating at nominal voltages of 10(20) kV, 35 kV, 110kV, 220kV and 400kV forming part of the main system of the TSMO and, where appropriate, to equipment connected to tertiary windings of main transformers at a nominal voltage of 10kV or 6.3kV. Where it refers specifically to the network of the TSMO, it defines the ratings and general requirements for plant, equipment and apparatus to be connected to the TSMO network by, or on behalf of, the TSMO, taking account of the characteristics of the network in the area that the equipment is to be connected. Where it refers to equipment of system users, it defines the general requirements for plant, equipment and apparatus at the connection point between the networks of the system user and of the TSMO.

Electrical Equipment Code, version 2.3 - Download 
According to ERO Decision V_1002_2018, of date 13 June 2018 -