Code of Practice for Access to Land and Premises

Code of practice sets out the manner in which employees of TSMO or contractors working on behalf of TSMO will normally take access to land and/or premises when they must do so in the usual course of TSMO’s business operations. This code is compiled on the basis of strong transparency, which means equal treatment of all parties to the Transmission System and is intended meant in its application to benefit all parties involved, at the same time describes the manner in which OSTT exercises its rights. It does not convey rights either to TSMO or to any other natural or legal person but, for the benefit of all involved parties, describes the manner in which TSMO will usually exercise its rights. Under Article 17 of the  Transmission System Operator License, TSMO has prepared Code of Practice, in which are set procedures that will apply to authorized persons for access to land and/or buildings.


Code of Practice for Access to Land and Premises - Download
According to ERO Decision V_1002_2018, of date 13 June 2018 - Download